How to end Poverty: is your business the answer?

You must have wondered the same thing at some point.


Some days, when I have some quiet time (especially now that the Amazon hammocks finally arrived), I do some day-dreaming about businesses I want to open, things I want to do, goals I hope my work achieves.

I’ve always hated hand-to-mouth existence, maybe because growing up in a country with lots of things, every time I visited countries nearby, I couldn’t help but notice that people lacked for things. It’s an uncomfortably weird feeling for children, i think, the first time it occurs to us.

Shifting slightly from career-minded individual to business-minded individual, it never occurred to me that business people ought to have bigger plans than expansion, growth, competitive strategy, and new ideas.

But I’ve been studying and calculating the risks and benefits of entering the rent-to-own industry in the Philippines for a year now… and I haven’t quite figured out if the business could be a good thing. Would it be? Should it be? How can it be?

Pricing points? Location? Improving quality of lives? How? Access to consumer goods? Access to middle-class luxury goods?

I’ve met a lot of farmers and laborers who’ve benefitted tremendously, and they proudly invite me home to sit on their rent-to-own sofas before turning on their rent-to-own LED wide screen television. Is this cashing in on poverty?

Is what we’re doing a successful thing? Is it also a good thing?






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