Somewhere only we know

Found my way to the Philippines mountains, and am relieved to share that I am happy, well-fed (a bit too much) and getting used to cold showers.

I know i keep telling you about freezing cold showers. Not that i’m (not) complaining… It’s just the hardest thing every morning still. :/

For the geographically-inclined, this is where I am:

If you squint a little, you’ll find The Philippines on the right


For those worried about me getting caught in the cross-hairs of terrorism, thank you! but don’t you be worried:

Mindanao is South, and I’m up North


(Even with my travels, I try to keep safe so i can continue the travel streak – yes, #YOLO works both ways.)

I haven’t taken any pictures with my iphone because there are close to zero tourists here, and taking pictures just seems… i don’t know why i haven’t done it yet. Everytime i try to ponder on this, the cold showers freeze any brain activity i attempt here (whoopsie, now i am using cold showers as an excuse).

All pictures are taken off the internet:

there’s no evidence, but they do slaughter pigs and put the head on tables, which i am slowly getting used to

Still, the scariest thing would be the house.

in the middle of… rice fields on the side of a very, very sloped mountain

I mean, it’s definitely safe. Hundreds of thousands of people live here, but after all this time it’s still scary to wake up in the morning and be surrounded by water and soft watery mud on a mountain slope.

Internet comes from the skies through a miracle chip that I bought in the city, and it works every few days. Hence my intermittent 🙂 and lols on your Facebook walls. Please bear with me for the next few weeks.

In ending, i should add something educational – which is that ‘The Philippines’ always comes with ‘THE’, and should not be merely called ‘Philippines’. No one (whom i’ve thus far quizzed) knows why.


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