Moving to the Philippines

Brazil – you’re a wonder. All warmth, nature, and kindness. Thank you for everything.


Most of you probably already know this, but just in case I missed you in the teachers’ lounge or kitchen or coffee area (yes, i’m the reason cappuccino and luscious blueberry jam suddenly appeared everywhere), i want to give you a BIG HUG and a SOPPY KISS goodbye.

I leave Brazil in good hands – what a tenacious team! – and head off to the Philippines. I could have stayed forever in Brazil, and would have loved to, because there’s so much work to be done with good people for people who need it urgently.

But I’ve always known that I would head for the rural mountains of Philippines to see what I can do. Some people wait for chances, but from the time my uncle and my 16-year-old self offered health check-ups at a local school, I knew what I would do in the future.

Poverty reduction sounds far too intellectual and childish even to my dreamy ears – but, by God, poverty reduction is what those villages need. Destiny and Desire are things to be achieved. I don’t know what i’m doing or how anything will happen. But even if it takes me 10 years of planning and 30 years of execution, and 50 years to do it all over again, i’ll do it. Poverty sucks for everyone reduced by it, and those of us lucky not to be born into it can only ever imagine the depths of what it entails.


Every time i feel fear, i tell myself that to just take one step forward. Then i try to remember those long days in the Amazon, and the courage i scrounged up by myself, then i feel okay.

Every time I feel fear, I tell myself that to just take one step forward. I try to hold on to feelings I had during those long days hiking in the Amazon, and the courage i somehow scrounged up… then i feel okay.


Anyway, if any of you ever come to Southeast Asia, do pop by 😉 I’ll bring out those Amazon hammocks and we can spend all day swinging over the Philippines farms.






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