What is the point of Focus? (not an article on the merits of distraction)

Yesterday, the whole team went crazy…

and downloaded ‘Words with Friends’ !!!

I know most companies frown on the use of “distracting” smartphone apps, and after being witness to lots of strangers creepily smiling to their phones on the rush-hour subway to work, i can understand. But at #mankymaps and #worldclass, we’ve decided to try something new… if anyone wants to take a 30-second break from working to figure out if “Quick” will earn more points than “Voyage”, they are more than welcome to do so. In fact, we encourage it.

It’s addictive! It’s fun! & it’s a great way to pump the brain’s creative juices in the middle of the afternoon.

So, the next time you see me creepily smiling at my phone at work, it’s probably cause i just scored 49points with “Meth”.





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