Dreamer? Go-getter? Free-ranger? Entrepreneur?

Out of concern for my financial future (and some giggles at my expense), a couple of friends have sent me this article to read:



Apparently, there’re more than a bunch of people now ditching the traditional 9-5 job, and it’s official, guys… this is a TREND.

There must be many horror stories just as there are successful cases of people who now lie in a hammock, coding while sipping a martini on their beachfront veranda in India (true story told to me yesterday evening). Right this very second, some people chasing their dreams, some entrepreneurs are creating real value, and maybe a handful of those companies have been built to last.

In my lifetime, i’m determined to do at least one of those three things.

And if at the same time, I get to design my new outdoor office with my Brazil/Amazon hammocks and a summer grill, then I’ll consider myself very lucky indeed 😉


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