Excited to expand!

Looking for work in Sao Paulo, Brazil?


Application period has closed – check back in the spring for our second round of hiring!

1. English Teachers

Join our team of native speakers for classes covering Basic, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Advanced, College Admissions, Business English and English as a Second Language (Mandarin, Portuguese, Spanish).

Duration: Minimum 6 months.


2. Small Business Consultants

Pre-requisites: 5 years of experience, entrepreneurial background and knowledge of R or S+ platforms necessary, MBA preferred.

Your primary responsibility is to coordinate project databases and liaise with government agencies in LatAm emerging markets. You will work with business consultants of varied specializations, and teams frequently merge with on-site technicians to support micro businesses in the interior of Brazil.

This is a senior level position. Applicants are expected to have management experience and will oversee analysis projects (marketing, strategy and engineering only).

Duration: Minimum one year.


3. College Admissions Consultants (for the US/UK/Japan systems)

Pre-requisites: 3 years of experience, spoken English and one other language (Portuguese, Japanese and Mandarin preferred).

Duration: Minimum 6 months.

Update: Positions filled for 2014 and 2015. 


Looking for work in Ifugao, the Philippines?

1. GIS Engineers

Pre-requisites: Geospatial tech, spoken English (and Tagalog preferred).

Experience with civil work operations and designing geodatabases (including hands-on data maintenance and collection, etc) will be useful. This project involves significant travel (80% of the time) to neighboring cities, and is a non-profit, community-based venture. Please note that this job is not paid, but housing and transport will be provided. 

Duration: Minimum one month. This job opportunity runs through 2014, so you can extend your contract or return for the summer.


Looking for work in Singapore?

1. Event planning coordinators

Update: Positions filled for 2014 and 2015. 

2. Negotiation specialists

Update: Positions filled for 2014.

Apply now

Send your cover letter and resume to teresagailleteo[at]gmail[dot]com, & schedule your interview at http://www.when2meet.com/?1822016-Ud3tk.

Will get back to you within 3 working days to confirm the time and date. All in-person interviews are on Av. Paulista, Sao Paulo. For Skype interviews, please ensure that you have a working microphone for the half-hour.


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