Negativity is Universally Understood

Friday, 7:30am, and i’m on the sidewalk with a client

She turns to me, and says: “Teresa, how on earth can I describe this? My boss is always criti – criticizing? Ahhh she is saying about the traffic, the weather, her son, her car, the traffic, the weather…. what is the word in English for this?”


If there is something that is easily communicated, it is one’s negativity. You could speak Russia, and I Urdu, but all you have to do is frown, roll your eyes, and gesture angrily at everything around us, all day long, 7 days a week.

I would know instantly that you aren’t someone I will be happy to be with.


Are you the kind of person who brightens up people’s day, or are people constantly trying to avoid you and your ugly mannerisms?


Just a thought.


A good reminder for myself… 😛



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