Tired of being too shy, too unfit, and too weak?

Tired of being too shy, too unfit, and too weak?

A good friend just sent me this #fitspiration, which reminded me of all the crazy climbing we attempted in the jungle…

Why do I wake up at 630am to run/dance/weight train? I’m a morning person; I love exercise; I love the post-high endorphins I get – always great way to start the day.

But also, it feels wonderful to dare to say:
“Yeah, i’ll do the long, rough hike”. Or “I’ll kayak around this impossibly huge lagoon with you”.

I hope you’ve said to yourself, too: “I don’t know if i can handle it, but i’m not afraid to try it”.

Unlike some of my friends who take the boat and avoid the hike/climb/any sort of adventure activity because the last time they exercised was when they ran for the elevator… in 2011.

I refuse to turn anything down, to not do something, just because i’m afraid of looking stupid or because i’m too grossly unfit. While a good dose of self-preservation and caution is healthy for all of us, fear and self-consciousness are totally unnecessary human constructs that prevent us from seeing beautiful sights, reaching new heights, and enjoying nature.

So, train hard! …then go out and enjoy. ❤


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